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Butcher buildin handler


Author 2called-chaos
Source vendor/handlers/_buildin/butcher.rb
Commands !butcher
Description This handler provides a single command !butcher which can be used to kill groups of entities in a radius around a player.
  • If you don't want a radius to be applied you may use a dash (-) to target all entities in the world.


Default ACL: builder
Default radius: 50
Default action: !butcher hostile

Show help

Usage:!butcher help
[Butcher] p/players [rad]               kills players
[Butcher] h/hostile [rad]               kills hostile mobs
[Butcher] m/mobs [rad]                  kills passive but no farm mobs
[Butcher] b/bats [rad]                  kills annoying bats
[Butcher] an/animals [rad]              kills animals
[Butcher] as/armor_stand [rad]          kills armor stands
[Butcher] aec/area_effect_cloud [rad]   kills area effect clouds
[Butcher] b/boats [rad]                 kills boats
[Butcher] mi/minecart [rad]             kills all kinds of minecarts
[Butcher] i/items [rad]                 kills dropped items
[Butcher] x/xp [rad]                    kills XP orbs
[Butcher] t/tnt [rad]                   kills primed TNT
[Butcher] v/villager [rad]              kills villagers
[Butcher] a/arrows [rad]                kills arrows
[Butcher] p/projectiles [rad]           kills arrows and other projectiles

Kill hostile

Usage:!butcher [h/hostile] [radius]
Default ACL:builder
Kills: Creeper Skeleton Spider Giant Zombie Slime Ghast PigZombie Enderman CaveSpider Silverfish Blaze LavaSlime WitherBoss Witch Endermite Guardian

Kill players

Usage:!butcher p/player/players [radius]
Default ACL:admin
Kills:All players except yourself

Kill mobs

Usage:!butcher m/mob/mobs [radius]
Default ACL:builder
Kills:Bat Squid Wolf SnowMan Ozelot VillagerGolem

Kill animals

Usage:!butcher an/animal/animals [radius]
Default ACL:mod
Kills:Pig Sheep Cow Chicken MushroomCow Rabbit

Kill boats

Usage:!butcher b/boat/boats [radius]
Default ACL:mod

Kill minecarts

Usage:!butcher mi/minecart/minecarts [radius]
Default ACL:mod
Kills:MinecartRideable MinecartChest MinecartFurnace MinecartTNT MinecartHopper MinecartSpawner MinecartCommandBlock

Kill items

Usage:!butcher i/item/items [radius]
Default ACL:mod

Kill XP orbs

Usage:!butcher x/xp [radius]
Default ACL:mod

Kill primed TNT

Usage:!butcher t/tnt [radius]
Default ACL:mod

Kill arrows

Usage:!butcher a/arrows [radius]
Default ACL:mod

Kill projectiles

Usage:!butcher pr/projectiles [radius]
Default ACL:mod
Kills:Arrow Snowball Fireball SmallFireball WitherSkull