Troubleshooting ouch...

It's a pity that you have to read this page but here we are :/

#0 Read the ReadMe & FAQ

Please read the ReadMe and FAQ if you haven't already.

#1 Check the logs

Take a look into the log/ directory. MCL and it's monitor both log into their own log files. Most errors will be visible here. You may also take a look into the minecraft server log directory.

#2 Turn on debug mode

Edit your configuration and activate debug mode at the very bottom. This will output more debug information and also full stacktraces for exceptions to the log files.

#3 Run MCL in the foreground

Sometimes it is easier to run MCL in the foreground when debugging errors especially if you are restarting MCL a lot. To run MCL directly and not daemonize the process run mcld run.

#4 Run MCL directly

This is for advanced users only. Switch to your MCL directory and run MCL with the following command:

ruby lib/mcl/daemon.rb

You can now issue !mclshell ingame and use the interactive shell to debug the problem.

#5 Create a bug report / ask for help

create issue join IRC chat