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Enchant buildin handler


Author 2called-chaos
Source vendor/handlers/_buildin/enchant.rb
Commands !enchant
Description Wrapper for /enchant command with partial name support.


Action:Shows help.
Default ACL:mod


Usage:!enchant examples
Action:Shows a few examples of how partial name support works.
Default ACL:mod

listing enchantments

Usage:!enchant list [query]
Action:Shows a list of all known enchantments. If query is given the list will be filtered, the first entry would be used when enchanting.
Default ACL:mod


Usage:!enchant [target] <name:level> [<name:level>…]
Action:Enchant held item (of you or target) with given enchantments.
Note:You can only used "allowed" levels and errors will not be shown.
Default ACL:mod
Examples:!enchant unb:3 feather:1 mending:1 fire:1
!enchant SomeUser asp:1 men:1