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Misc buildin handler


Author 2called-chaos
Source vendor/handlers/_buildin/misc.rb
Commands !clear !id !colors !rec !compass !summon !setspawn !idea !strike !longwaydown !muuhhh
Description This handler provides several miscellaneous/fun commands which don't fit anywhere else.

Clear inventory

Action:Clears your inventory
Default ACL:guest

Block ID lookup

Usage:!id [block_id]
Action:Shows you the name of the old block ids.
Default ACL:guest


Action:Shows you all available colors.
Default ACL:guest

Play music disc

Usage:!rec [disc] [pitch] [-v]
Action:Lists all music discs or plays given one.
Default ACL:guest
Pitch value between 0.0 and 2.0 (default: 1.0)
Use voice channel (>1.9) instead of jukebox channel
Possible discs:11 13 blocks cat chirp far mall mellohi stal strad wait ward

Show compass

Usage:!compass [target] [--purge]
Action:Projects a compass around you (or a target) for a few seconds.
Default ACL:guest
mod (--purge)
Remove all loaded compass markers (you might get some ghost ones when the server restarts before we clear them)


Usage:!summon <entity> [-c count] [-t target] [x] [y] [z] [dataTag]
Action:Summons count * entities at current or given position relative to you or target.
Default ACL:admin
Amount of entities to summon.
Use someone else as target (instead of you)
Entities:area_effect_cloud armor_stand arrow bat blaze boat cave_spider chest_minecart chicken cod command_block_minecart cow creeper dolphin donkey dragon_fireball drowned egg elder_guardian end_crystal ender_dragon ender_pearl enderman endermite evoker evoker_fangs experience_bottle experience_orb eye_of_ender falling_block fireball fireworks_rocket furnace_minecart ghast giant guardian hopper_minecart horse husk illusioner iron_golem item item_frame leash_knot lightning_bolt llama llama_spit magma_cube minecart mooshroom mule ocelot painting parrot phantom pig polar_bear potion pufferfish rabbit salmon sheep shulker shulker_bullet silverfish skeleton skeleton_horse slime small_fireball snow_golem snowball spawner_minecart spectral_arrow spider squid stray tnt tnt_minecart trident tropical_fish turtle vex villager vindicator witch wither wither_skeleton wither_skull wolf zombie zombie_horse zombie_pigman zombie_villager
Note:The entity list above will be filtered by the passed entity. Unless the entity you would like to summon isn't in the list you can use (regular) expressions to abbreviate the entity name (e.g.: !summon end.+cry will resolve to end_crystal (!summon cry would be enough already))

Set spawnpoint

Action:Sets your personal spawnpoint to your current position (i.e. sleep in bed).
Default ACL:mod


Usage:!idea [target]
Action:Creates lava particles at your or targets head.
Default ACL:member

Lightning strike

Usage:!strike [target]
Action:Strikes you or target with lightning.
Default ACL:mod

Leet height

Usage:!longwaydown [target]
Action:Teleports you or target to leet height.
Default ACL:builder


Usage:!muuhhh [target]
Default ACL:mod