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Snap2date buildin handler


Author 2called-chaos
Source vendor/handlers/_buildin/snap2date.rb
Commands !snap2date
Description This handler provides a single command !snap2date which can be used to update your minecraft server. This can be done manually or automatically.
Default ACL:member


Action:Gives you a list of available snap2date commands.
Default ACL:member


Usage:!snap2date status
Action:Shows you which versions are watched and if the watcher is enabled or not.
Default ACL:member

Check for release

Usage:!snap2date check <version> [more_versions...]
Action:Check if and when the version is/got released.
Note:The version might contain list expressions.
Hint:The release date is clickable and will link you to the jar-download.
Default ACL:member

Watch/unwatch versions

Usage:!snap2date watch <version> [more_versions...]
!snap2date unwatch <all/old/version> [more_versions...]
Action:Add or remove a version from the watching list.
Note:The version might contain list expressions.
Default ACL:admin

Enable/disable watcher

Usage:!snap2date cron
!snap2date uncron
Action:When cron mode is enabled MCL will check every 60 seconds if any of the watched versions got released. If the version appears to be newer (the check fails if you upgrade from a snapshot to a normal release (e.g. from 14w33c to 1.8)) the server will automatically be updated as if you invoke !snap2date update.
Default ACL:admin

Watch/unwatch versions

Usage:!snap2date update <version> [force]
Action: Updates to the given version. Use force if you want to ignore the version check or redownload the server jar in case it should already exist. These steps will be taken:
  • Download the server jar (unless it exists and force isn't used)
  • Link the minecraft_server.jar to the version file
  • Backup the current world (in case the update damages the world)
  • Restart the server to use the new version
Note:The version might contain list expressions.
Default ACL:admin