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Worlds buildin handler


Author 2called-chaos
Source vendor/handlers/_buildin/worlds.rb
Commands !world !worlds
Description This handler provides IO functionality to add/switch between/backup or delete worlds.

World control (aliases: !worlds)

Action:Gives you an overview about the available commands.
Default ACL:admin

List known worlds

Usage:!world list
Action:Lists all known worlds, run a scan to add missing worlds
Default ACL:admin

Switch to world

Usage:!world <world_name>
Action:Switches to existing world.
Warning:This will restart the minecraft server!
Hint:Slashes / in world names allows you to organize worlds in folders!
Info:The world change works by changing the world path in the file and restarting the server.
Default ACL:admin

Scan worlds

Usage:!world scan
Action:Scans the MC directory for worlds and caches the result.
Default ACL:admin

Create new world

Usage:!world new <world_name> [sprops...]
Action:Create a new world.
Warning:If properties are passed this world will use it's own file based on the current worlds properties
Default ACL:admin
Examples:!world new whatever level-seed=123 "motd=A new adventure"

World info

Usage:!world info [world_name]
Action:Gives you a few information about a world.
Default ACL:admin

Backup world

Usage:!world backup [world_name]
Action:Create a backup of the given world. /save* commands will be invoked if the world to backup is the current world.
Note:At the moment backups will not be pruned so remember to cleanup the backup directory from time to time.
Info:Automatic backups can be configured in the configuration file!
Warning:This feature currently DOES NOT WORK ON WINDOWS. Even though no error is raised no backup will be created!
Default ACL:admin

List backups

Usage:!world backups [world_name] [page]
Action:List existing backups (newest first)
Default ACL:admin

Remove backup

Usage:!world backups [world_name] --delete <tarfile>
Action:Delete a given backup archive
Default ACL:admin

Restore backup

Usage:!world restore <world_name> <tarfile> [backup_current=true]
Action:Restore a backup, optionally backup the current version beforehand
Default ACL:admin

Delete world

Usage:!world delete <world_name> [purge_backups=false]
Action:Removes the specified world and optionally all backups with it.
Note:You cannot delete the current active world.
Default ACL:admin