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Eval extra handler


This plugin is disabled by default because it can harm your server! If you enable this plugin, players with MCL root permissions may execute this command and by doing this, executing remote ruby code on this machine.

A malicious use of this command may read, modify or destroy any file the user - which is running MCL - has access to. Use this plugin only when you need it!

In order to activate this plugin you need to rename the file so that it does NOT start with two or more underscores. You also have to enable the plugin in the code itself but if you want to use this command you will figure it out, I'm sure ;-)


Author 2called-chaos
Source vendor/handlers/_extras/__eval.rb
Commands !eval
Description This handler executes remote ruby code from
  • This handler is disabled by default!


Usage:!eval <>
Action:Asynchronously fetches the code from and evals it in the context of a handler (synced to the main thread).
Default ACL:root