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Schematic builder legacy handler


This handler is highly experimental, use with caution!

  • No undo! Remember that there is no undo, build is build!
  • Lag! Building a schematic into the world will most likely lag MCL and your minecraft server!


Author 2called-chaos
Source vendor/handlers/_legacy/schematic_builder.rb
Commands !schebu
Description This handler builds structures from schematic files by using the /setblock command.
  • NBT tags (such as inventory contents, sign texts, etc.) will not be processed at the moment.
  • No rotation! Rotation isn't implemented because I suck at math really hard!
  • The build process will sleep for 3 seconds after each 2.5k /setblock commands issued to give your server a chance to catch up.

Info book

Usage:!schebu book
Action:Gives you a book with more information about the process.
Default ACL:builder

Add schematic from the web

Usage:!schebu add <name> <url>
Action:Downloads a schematic file from a given URL and saves it in the local library. Not yet implemented!
Default ACL:mod

List/search schematics

Usage:!schebu list [filter/page] [page]
Action:List or search the available list of schematics in the local library. The filter may contain regular expressions.
Hint:The results are clickable and will load the according schematic.
Default ACL:builder

Load schematic

Usage:!schebu load <name>
Action:Loads the given schematic and tells you the dimensions. Required for most of the other commands.
Default ACL:builder

Rotate schematic

Usage:!schebu rotate <±90deg>
Action:Rotates the loaded schematic by the given amount of degrees. Not yet implemented
Default ACL:builder

Copy air yes/no

Usage:!schebu air [true/false]
Action:Define whether air blocks will be /setblocked or not. If set to true the area will also be cleared before starting the build (default true)
Default ACL:builder

Set position

Usage:!schebu pos [<x> <y> <z>]
Action:Shows or sets the starting point of where to insert the schematic. Note that the build will always go towards positive X, Y and Z directions (not 0 0 0!)
Default ACL:builder

Indicate dimensions

Usage:!schebu ipos [indicator] [mode]
Action: Indicates the dimensions of the build. Default indicator is explosion but there are more to choose from. Mode might be one of the following (by default minmax)
m / minmax
Indicates min (insertion) and max coordinate.
c / corners
Indicates all corner coordinates.
o / outline
Indicate all outlining coordinates (skeleton). Not yet implemented!
Default ACL:builder

Build status

Usage:!schebu status
Action:Shows you the current loaded schematic, it's options and - if building - the current build progress.
Default ACL:builder

Reset settings

Usage:!schebu reset
Action:Clears the current loaded build and it's settings
Default ACL:builder

Build the thing

Usage:!schebu build [clear]
Action:Starts the current build. If you pass clear as a second argument the build zone will be cleared (filled with air) but no build will start.
Default ACL:builder

Cancel build

Usage:!schebu cancel
Action:Cancels the current build as soon as possible. Placed blocks are placed, no undo!
Default ACL:builder